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Halo 2
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Call of Duty
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First-person shooting games are video games, based on gun (mostly) combat. The main sign of FPS games is a view from the first-person point, as it is in BioShock. It means, that gamer sees everything through the eyes of his character. If the protagonist is running in first-person shooting games, the view changes very quickly, the great example is Fallout 4. If the protagonist moves from side to side, the view moves in the same way.
FPS games usually have 3D-graphics, as Battlefield 1 has, but also in some games we have pseudo-3D. Thanks to first-person view gamer feels as a part of first-person shooting games, and that's why this genre often goes together with survival games genre.
Most of the modern shooting games have two type of views: first-person, like in DOOM, and third-person one at the same time. That's why when you download third-person shooter, you also download one of FPS games for free. And then you just have to decide, which view is the most suitable for this game.
Due to the high popularity of these games all the gamers go to websites where they can download free FPS games or buy FPS games. There are a lot of first-person shooting games for PC, but also many such games were released exclusively for consoles.
The most iconic first-person shooting game is Left 4 Dead 2.