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Frozen State
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Radiation Island
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Take On Mars
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The Long Dark
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Castle Story
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Survival games are the type of video games where you need to stay alive for as long as it's possible: Outlast is one of the most well-made games. There are different types of survival games: ones make you gather food and loot to keep yourself sane. Other survival games like Resident Evil have some dangerous factors like enemies that want to murder you. They are also called resource conservation and hostile environment: as this one How to Survive 2. Survival games can also be a sub-genre that accomplish the main genre like action games, adventure games or strategy games, like Dead State Reanimated.
Due to the high popularity of these games all the gamers go to websites where they can download free survival games or buy survival games. There are a lot of survival games for PC, but also many such games were released exclusively for consoles.
The most iconic survival game is Saw: The Video Game.