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Stronghold 2
 Votes: 1172
Caesar 3
 Votes: 101
Train Simulator 2013
 Votes: 132
Anno 1404
 Votes: 268
Economic simulation games, also known as business simulation games or tycoon games, are games that focus on the management of economic processes, usually in the form of a business, like Capitalism II. Pure economic simulation games have been described as construction and management simulations without a construction element, like Football Manager 2013, and can thus be called management simulations. Indeed, micromanagement is often emphasized in economic simulation games. They are essentially numeric, but try to hold the player's attention by using creative graphics, as Farming Simulator 2013. The interest in economic simulation games lies in accurate simulation of real-world events using algorithms, as well as the close tying of players' actions to expected or plausible consequences and outcomes, and the best example would be Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition. An important facet of economic simulation games is the emergence of artificial systems, gameplay and structures.
Due to the high popularity of these games all the gamers go to websites where they can download free economic simulation games or buy economic simulation games. There are a lot of economic simulation games for PC.
The most iconic economic simulation game is Anno 1404.