Sports games Games by genres

Sports games are video games, that is almost as popular, as real sporting activities. Sports games recreate some traditional sport, so this type of games can be referred to simulation projects. All sports games can be divided into two big groups. In the first group, you are playing a role of the single sportsman, for example, athlete or driver of Fomula-1. In the second group, you manage a big group of sportsmen - a team. The most famous examples of sports games from the second type are PES or FIFA series, that simulate football games.
In some sports games for consoles you have to repeat the moves of your character in real life, but sports games for PC are different. Here you have only mouse and keyboard and should simulate the behavior of sportsman only on the screen of your monitor.
In many sports games you have not only play sports, but also develop your career. For example, you can train a team or manage the sportsmen in your team. So if you always dreamed about sports career, download sports games for free and enjoy!