Games for kids Games by genres

Games for kids are video games that help to develop logic, intuition, as Toy Story 3: The Video Game. Some of games for kids may teach children math, music, literature, etc. Games for kids can attract any audience, though usually meant for children. These games are designed to develop logical thinking, coordination, memory, they usually consist of various tests and exercises (attentiveness, reaction rate, etc.) or the creativity - Disney's Magic Artist Studio. All the more important role of games for kids in the educational and training process, but also they can be entertaining, like Raving Rabbids: Go Home. Games for kids does not represent any interest to you if you are over 10-12 years old, why would you be interested in Thomas & Friends: Special Delivery, but your child or younger brother, many of them probably will like.
Due to the high popularity of these games all the gamers go to websites where they can download free games for kids or buy games for kids. There are a lot of games for kids for PC, but also many such games were released exclusively for consoles.
The most iconic game for kids is Disney Fun-For-All Super Game Pack.