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Doctor Strange Easter Eggs and Review

A very loud premiere all over the world - Doctor Strange - is finally in theaters! If you haven’t seen this Marvelous (ba-dum-tss) movie you should definitely go for it, but first, check out the Doctor Strange review.

by Anna Stepko 2016-11-02 7461 views
Dishonored 2 Review: Emily Kaldwin

Yesterday was the Dishonored 2 release date, a marvelous game by Bethesda that makes fans go crazy all along the ads campaign. However, gamers are not the only ones who experience the high anticipation and excitement about Dishonored 2 release.

by Anna Stepko 2016-10-27 9505 views
Civilization 6 Guide

Today (October 21st) is the Civilization 6 release date.  High-point reviews appear on gaming websites (90% positive feedback on Steam), gamers rush to multiplayer (more than 80 thousand folks playing) and newbies are looking for Civilization 6 guide.

by Anna Stepko 2016-10-21 9877 views
Poplings - Free Arcade Mobile Game (Guide and Tips)

As you might have noticed, we’re mostly reviewing PC or console games. Although, today GameSpace team would like to make an exception: we present the new arcade game for Android and iOS named Poplings!

by Anna Stepko 2016-10-20 7548 views
Mafia 3 Review

Today’s a very important day: October 7th, 2016 Mafia 3 release finally rolled in. This awesome game has the scent of a tough life right from the racket and mob epoch.

by Anna Stepko 2016-10-07 9450 views
Cossacks 3 Review and Cheats

It’s been a week since the Cossacks 3 release date, we hope you’re enjoying the game. It might be a perfect time now to talk about Cossacks 3 cheats  and make a sum-up over the job that GSC Game World made.

by Anna Stepko 2016-10-05 6958 views
Inside - Review

It’s been a month since Inside came out. Previously released Limbo came out in 2010 and it became the developer’s symbol.

by Anna Stepko 2016-09-02 5526 views
Fallout 4 – Nuka-World Preview (The Last DLC)

This wonderful DLC will be the last one for Fallout 4, so we hope you’ll take your time completing it. It’s coming out tomorrow (August 30th) on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

by Anna Stepko 2016-08-29 4420 views
Suicide Squad Review

Last week a huge Suicide Squad premiere happened. I’ve seen a lot of excited people who rushed to the cinemas with popcorn and drinks.

by Anna Stepko 2016-08-08 4116 views
Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats

Have you already got the app and your very first Pokemon? Mine was Pikachu.

by Anna Stepko 2016-08-01 9262 views