Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats

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Have you already got the app and your very first Pokemon? Mine was Pikachu. I’m going to explain how that happened later. This guide is mostly for people who just start playing Pokemon GO, but here might be some new tips you haven’t heard about before.

First of all - check if Pokemon GO is available in your country.

If it’s not, you should follow these steps:

Pokemon GO for iPhone

  1. Create a fake Apple ID (Australian or American)

  2. Log out your existing ID and log into the fake one

  3. Download Pokemon GO

  4. Switch back to your native account

  5. Play!

Pokemon GO for Android:

  1. Download the Apk file here

  2. Play!

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: How to get Pikachu?

Pokemon GO Tips Cheats

When you’ve completed the introduction you get three first Pokemons to catch, they appear near you. But if you’d prefer to get an iconic yellow electric wonder immediately you should ignore those three and walk away (physically). Then your device vibrates and three Pokemons reappear, you walk away again. Repeat these actions until Pikachu appears.

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: Where to look for Pokemons?

The recreation areas of your city have more Pokemons and PokeStops. The more rural is your area the more regular are Pokemons there.

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: What’s a PokeStop anyway?

Pokemon GO Tips CheatsPokemon GO Tips CheatsPokemon GO Tips Cheats

It’s a place where you can get Poke Balls and other loot once in 5 minutes like Potion (to treat your wounds, +20 HP), Revive (will revive a fainted Pokemon) and Incense (will lure wild Pokemons to your location for 30 minutes). By the way, if Incense is used be someone the PokeStops will be all covered with pink sparkles. That means you should stay close to catch wild pokemons. If you use Incense your character attracts Pokemons. It’s a good option if you can’t walk right now, but it actually works better if you move.

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: Where to get Poke Balls?

In a shop, or in the nearest PokeStop.


Pokemon GO Tips Cheats

You can buy items here for real money, or for the money you earn while taking part in a battle.

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: Catching Pokemon

Pokemon GO Tips Cheats

Now the most interesting and important part: when you’ve noticed there’s a Pokemon near you press on it and enter the battle. You’ll see the target, its color means how easy will it be to catch the Pokemon. Green means it will be easy, red means it will be hard. The other important factor is the size of a colored circle. The less it is the more accurate will be you Poke Ball. Remember that Pokemons can break free, so don’t get upset and try to catch them one more time. Once you’ve thrown a Poke Ball you can’t pick it up, so be careful. You also get XP for your throws. The number of gained XP depends on the size of a circle:

  • Full circle - Nice - 10 XP
  • Half circle - Great - 50 XP
  • Small circle - Excellent - 100 XP

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: Trainer level helps you find rare Pokemons

Yup, that’s right. You need to train your Pokemon to higher the Trainer level, and eventually, that will help you find rare Pokemons more often than usually.

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: Turning off the AR mode will make catching Pokemons easier

It’s awesome how you can place a Pokemon on the street where you live, or on the couch in your living room. Although it makes the catching more difficult. And it lowers your battery as hell.

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: Duplicated Pokemons

Pokemon GO Tips CheatsPokemon GO Tips Cheats

You can transfer them to Professor and get candy to evolve other Pokemons. You just need to choose the Pokemon with lowest CP and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Candies help your Pokemon evolve and get stronger, by the way.

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: Nearby Pokemons

Look at the right bottom area on your screen. There will be a list of nearby Pokemons and each one will have footprints. The more Footprints they have the further the are from you. To track one Pokemon you must choose one of those and walk around. Chech the number of footprints, if there're zero of ones - you must stand and wait until the Pokemon appears.

Pokemon GO Tips and Cheats: Egg Hatching

Pokemon GO Tips Cheats

There are three types of eggs: 2 km, 5 km and 10 km. To hatch one you actually need to put it in an incubator (one egg at a time) and walk. The more you walk the quicker the egg will be ready to hatch. Each egg contains a random Pokemon with more Candy and Stardust than the ones you catch. To hatch the eggs quicker you can ride a bike, for example. But be careful, your speed must be less than 15 mph, only that type of trips count.

Pokemon GO Tips Cheats

Pokemon GO Tips Cheats

And lastly - be careful. A lot of horrible things happened to people who drove a car and played Pokemon GO, or didn’t watch their step. Take care of yourself and don’t let the game harm you physically.