Cossacks 3 Review and Cheats

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It’s been a week since the Cossacks 3 release date, we hope you’re enjoying the game. It might be a perfect time now to talk about Cossacks 3 cheats  and make a sum-up over the job that GSC Game World made.

Cossacks 3 Review

Cossacks 3 Review

Let’s start with the Cossacks 3 review: it’s a real-time strategy that represents a very nice combination of war, economy, building and technological progress that can not be presented apart from each other.

We'd also suggest you to check out our article Cossacks 3 game is officially announced to find out if everything that devs have planned became true. The biggest advantage of Cossacks game series is that developers made a regular strategy that has strong historical influence. These games are based on real events that took place in several eras, and all the details like weapons and buildings stylistics are also related to the ones that existed a few centuries ago.

Cossacks 3 Review Cheats

Cossacks 3 Review: What’s new?

We’ll start with a bit of a history so you could feel how strong was developers’ approach to this game. First of all, GSC Game World considered all the mistakes they’ve made in the second part - Cossacks 2 - that came out in 2005. And they went back to the roots of the first game - Cossacks: Back to War, that released in 2000. It feels like you’ve wanted a bike when you were a kid, and now - when you grew up - your best friend gets you one, and it is even better than you’ve expected it to be.

Cossacks 3 Review Cheats

Cossacks 3 Review: Gameplay

The period of time that is used in Cossacks 3 is really rare: the epoch of the industrial revolution (XVII - XVIII centuries). It’s a good choice because the variety of weapons is really high: cold steel arms are still popular, and all the firearms are not as huge and clumsy as they were before. That’s why the Cossacks 3 gameplay is better than in the previous Cossacks 2 that had a poor variety of actions. In the XVIII - XIX centuries cold steel arms are not in use, it’s time for cannons. Boring. That’s why it’s more fun playing Cossacks 3. You can also check out the GSC Game World studio has published the new Cossacks 3 video.

Cossacks 3 Review Cheats

Before we’ll reveal Cossacks 3 cheats we’d also like to mention a few benefits:

  • You can choose between 12 playable factions. Developers also claimed that they’ll increase this number to 20.

  • Each soldier is a separate combat unit with its own AI, HP and combat characteristics.

  • Cossacks 3 multiplayer mode works for 7 players and offers 5 campaigns and option to fight with AI on a randomly generated map.

  • Map editing is also available, as well as mods support.

Cossacks 3 Review Cheats

Cossacks 3 Review: cheats

To apply cheats press Ctrl+Enter - to open chat/console dialog, then type one of the following codes and press enter.

showallmissions - All the missions are playable.

res %resource% %amount% - Adds resources. The available resources are stone, wood, gold, food, iron and coal. Or either you can use all. The command will look like this: res wood 50000, res all 45000 (the last one works for all the resources).

freecamera - You can now move your camera the way you want. To change the camera angle use Ctrl+middlebutton (scroller) and move the mouse and Ctrl+PageUp/Ctrl+PageDown. To undo changes and go back to the basic camera settings use Home button.

Cossacks 3 Review Cheats

Basically, there are not so many Cossacks 3 cheats, but let’s be honest, why would anyone want more of them? We hope you’re having a great time playing this game. You can buy the Cossacks 3 as well. If you know more Cossacks 3 cheats - please, let us know in the comments below. Share the Cossacks 3 review with friends and ask them to join you in the battle!