Cossacks 3 game is officially announced

Cossacks 3 game is officially announced by  4089 views

GSC Game World studio - the creator of the iconic S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Cossacks series - is coming back to the video game industry with its new project. Thus, yesterday, Cossacks 3 game was officially announced. It will be a remake of the first instalment in the legendary real-time strategy franchise. The launch of the next part in the series is planned for the current year. Cossacks 3 game will hit such platforms as PC, Mac and Linux.

“We decided to do a remake of the first Cossacks with all its original gameplay, but also give players updated graphics and a new story. We really think that many of the players who were too young in 2001 to play Cossacks literally missed out on it and will be impressed by the gameplay of this classic RTS”, - the project’s producer - Evgeniy Grigorovich - has said.

And now, let’s talk about the content of the future instalment. Firstly, Cossacks 3 game will include five story campaigns. Well, at least, such amount of missions is confirmed for the current moment. Besides, the developers will please the players with an upgraded multiplayer mode with lots of useful settings, mod support and map editor. In the online mode, up to seven gamers will be able to enter a battle at the same time. They can unite into the groups or fight alone.

At launch, Cossacks 3 game will have twelve nations, including the ones from England, France, Ukraine, Prussia (Austria), Russia and others. After the project’s release, its creators plan to add about twenty other factions.

GSC Game World has also shown several first screenshots of the future Cossacks 3 game: