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Street Fighter V: features revealed! (Review)

The legendary Street Fighter game series released the 5th one on the 16th February 2016. Despite the first game was out in 1987 developers could find the right mix of the canon aspects of the game and the modern takes of the genre, and that’s how the Street Fighter 5 was made.

by Anna Stepko 2016-03-16 6418 views
Tom Clancy's The Division Cheats

One of the most anticipated this year’s games - Tom Clancy's The Division - is finally out, the stir around it was a reason of servers going down, and Ubisoft called The Division the fastest-selling game for the last few years. The game is really awesome, as a lot of gamers have already noticed.

by Anna Stepko 2016-03-11 5667 views

Well hello there, folks! We’ve got a fresh game review for you.

by Anna Stepko 2016-03-09 2574 views

Well hello there, folks! We’ve got a fresh game review for you.

by Anna Stepko 2016-03-09 1031 views
No Man's Sky Review

Have you ever thought about your mission on this planet? Why are you here?

by Anna Stepko 2016-03-04 6202 views
Most anticipated games of 2016

The new year is around the corner, and it seems it’s going to be awesome. Here are some the most anticipated games of 2016 that prove this fact.

by Tanya Knysh 2015-12-30 21243 views
Telltale’s Game of Thrones review

Just after the final episode of Life Is Strange launched, the next significant adventure — Telltale’s Game of Thrones — was released. Today, we’re going to recap the strongest and the weakest moments of this series in our Telltale’s Game of Thrones review.

by Tanya Knysh 2015-11-24 19484 views
Life Is Strange review

At the end of the last month, the final episode of the most significant this year’s adventure - Life Is Strange - hit the stores. Today, GameSpace is ready to tell you about our impressions.

by Tanya Knysh 2015-11-10 26565 views
Top-5 horror games to play this Halloween

Halloween is coming, and if you do not have a festive mood yet, GameSpace and video games are here to help you. Our today’s post is devoted to the best horror games which have been released during the past year and suit Halloween perfectly.

by Tanya Knysh 2015-10-28 25513 views
September game releases

Summer is coming to the end, and it means that the hottest period in the video game industry is about to start soon. Next month will please players with lots of highly-anticipated releases.

by Olga Smiyanenko 2015-08-27 6879 views