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2016 Summer Movie Preview

Summer is coming soon, and so does a bunch of premieres in the cinemas. We’ve made a digest of the most anticipated upcoming movies that are whether sci-fi, adventure, fantasy or based on a game.

by Anna Stepko 2016-04-27 9469 views
Preview of Star Wars: Battlefront upcoming DLC - Bespin

The Bespin DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront is approaching, launching in June - it’s about six weeks from now on, and DICE started to give us some information about what we can expect from the addon. They say it will follow the same trajectory as other DLCs but this time, they’ll focus on Cloud City.

by Anna Stepko 2016-04-21 2660 views
Doom 4 beta version review from GameSpace

As you’ve probably heard, last week, the Doom open beta came to all platforms, but not everyone was impressed: an overwhelming 63% of players that rated the Doom open beta on Steam gave it a negative review. The general consensus among the negative reviews is that it feels more like Halo than Doom.

by Anna Stepko 2016-04-18 2568 views
GTA 6 Release: What Do We Expect?

We’ve raised this subject before - people are already going insane about GTA 6 even though we don’t even know when the release will happen. Whatever, this game series is a legend itself, and people keep rumoring and discussing all the things about it.

by Anna Stepko 2016-04-14 35631 views
Dark Souls 3 Cheats

As Dark Souls 3 is (FINALLY) out, you can now see what the fuss is about. If you’ve already played this game or watched any of the gameplays, you’d probably understood that this is THAT type of game.

by Anna Stepko 2016-04-12 6113 views
All the April updates are here

Hello there, folks! Spring is here, the weather is marvelous, the sun is shining, birds are singing… And you’re in a turmoil whether you should download another DLC or ask a cute girl or boy out.

by Anna Stepko 2016-04-07 4329 views
The Division: April update preview

You can never forget about the game if you always have the outer powers (banners, ads, angry gamers) to remind about it. The turmoil around The Division finds its explanation in a new update: announced on 12 April, eagerly awaited and frequently discussed one.

by Anna Stepko 2016-04-04 5342 views
Fallout 4: Survival mode preview

Bethesda shared good news with the world! The Fallout 4: Survival Mode will enter its beta phase for the PC version this week (there’s no information about the exact date yet), all the console-lovers will have to wait a little bit.

by Anna Stepko 2016-03-28 3126 views
Street Fighter 5: updates incoming

Hello, all the Street Fighter V lovers! And those folks who still hesitate if it’s worth playing (it definetely is).

by Anna Stepko 2016-03-25 2260 views
Quantum Break Review

Here we have an informational boom to help you get ready for Quantum Break. The game came out on the 5th April for XBox One and on Windows 10.

by Anna Stepko 2016-03-21 6766 views