For Honor Update (patch v1.05)

For Honor Update (patch v1.05) by  4318 views
About a couple weeks ago For Honor gamers were planning a strike — a massive disconnection from the hack and slash fighting game. They explained this decision with the fact that to open all the in-game items you need whether to spend $700 or 2.5 years of trying hard and completing repetitive tasks, and that's kinda... harsh.

For Honor news update
Great news is that Ubisoft actually reacted on this quickly and promised to fix these issues and help gamers get the treats they deserve for trying hard. Now the patch (v1.05) came out on PC, let’s see what’s in there and did developers bring the justice to the game.

The general idea of For Honor patch was to balance the existing features, characters’ forces, and abilities so For Honor gamers could get more competitive.

  • Big talks were around Peacekeeper — her power was so strong that she was banned from tournament play. She was called “The steroid of For Honor”, and that’s a fair alias for one. As for a fighting game where player’s skills (not character’s) are a prior, making Peacekeeper stronger than others was a mistake. Good news - she was nerfed with the fresh For Honor patch.

    For Honor news update

  • Elimination was tweaked: now, as the For Honor round starts, players are not rushing for boosts. It takes now 20 seconds for boosts to appear.
  • Gear stats were modified: attack and defense stats no longer apply in For Honor Revenge mode. Only the Revenge Attack and Revenge Defense stats now apply when in Revenge.

    For Honor news update

  • Gamers were complaining about the low For Honor Steel income, and this problem was fixed. Daily and Contract Orders (regular tasks) can now be completed in PvP as well. Some of the added Daily tasks can be done in ANY game mode. That must encourage gamers to complete these tasks, as they don’t have to fight AI only to gain Steel.
For Honor Community was surprised with the recent Ubisoft activity: the communication process is a great thing for fixing stuff and making it better for users. We hope they’ll keep this tradition :)