Origin Player Appreciation Sale - What’s up?

Origin Player Appreciation Sale - What’s up? by  5671 views
As you can see in the title, there’s a massive sale going on Origin. And the most pleasant thing about it is that the big games are involved. This short sum-up provides the list of games that you can buy with a discount, all you gotta do is follow the link! The offer ends Friday, August 25.

Apart from games, you’ll also find season passes for Battlefield games with discounts up to 75%. That’s huge, especially concerning the might of ones. Usually, Origin season passes are really generous, and if you’re into Battlefield games it’s the best thing you can find.

The most impressive game having an off-price is Battlefield 1 Premium. It has a 40% discount and it’s Premium, that rarely gets a sale. However, Battlefield 1 is not on sale, but you could look for one in Origin Access. So give it a try for free, and maybe it will inspire you to get the Premium one!

Now about the other games on Origin sale: some of them came out this year and have a lower price already. If it’s not a perfect moment to buy them, then what are you waiting for? :)

Also, some third-party games got some sales spirit: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, The Surge, For Honor, Watch Dogs 2 and much more. Even if you haven’t found the game you desire to buy on sale, I suggest you visit the store. The full game list is huge, and try to find the one you need!
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