Fallout 3 Ammo Cheat Codes (part 4)

Fallout 3 Ammo Cheat Codes (part 4) by  11645 views
GameSpace has already presented the Fallout 3 basic cheats and Fallout 3 armor cheats, and as we promised - here is the fourth part of Fallout 3 cheats. This time we’re talking about ammunition.

cheat codes fallout 3 ammo
There are not many codes in this post: one type of ammo goes with several weapons. So apparently, this Fallout 3 cheats post goes by with the previous Fallout 3 weapons cheats one because you don’t need ammo if you don’t have weapons. 

To add the desired ammo to your inventory you need to open the command console (~) and type player.additem followed by the item code, the quantity you want, and the condition you want it in. For example, to add 250 rounds of .32 caliber ammo, you would type:

player.additem 000207F7 250

cheat codes fallout 3 ammo

Fallout 3 Ammo Cheat Codes

.308 Caliber Round 0006B53C
.32 Caliber Round 000207F7
.44 Round Magnum 0002937E
10mm Round 00004241
5.56mm Round 00078CC4
5.56mm Round 00004240
5mm Round 0006B53D
5mm Round 000615A8
Alien Powercell 00029364
BB - Ammo 0002935B
Bottlecap Mines 0000433A
Dart 00047419
Dart 0002936E
Electron Charge Pack 000615AF
Electron Charge Pack 0006B53E
Energy Cell 00020772
Energy Cell 00078CC2
Flamer Fuel 00029371
Flamer Fuel 00078CC1
Frag Grenades 00004330
Frag Mines 0000433C
Mesmetron Power Cell 0006A80D
Microfusion Cell 00078CC3
Microfusion Cell 00004485
Mini Nuke 00020799
Missile 000B8791
Missile 0005F706
Missile 00078CC5
Missiles 00029383
Pulse Grenades 00004331
Railway Spikes 00029384
Shotgun Shell 00028EEA
Shotgun Shell 0004C5F9
Sonic Energy 00056634

We hope, these Fallout 3 cheats were useful for you! Stay tuned for the last Fallout 3 cheats post next week :)