Fallout 3 Cheats: Part 1

Fallout 3 Cheats: Part 1 by  5742 views
GameSpace tips-and-cheats spree continues with Fallout 3 cheats. This game was a revolution in Fallout series: you can clearly see the transformation from an axonometric RPG to the full-fledged first-person shooter with the same main idea and many native features that were modified according to the renewed game stylistics.

Fallout 3 cheats

And - what is even more important - you can play Fallout 3 on the rather old computer, that doesn’t have the latest hardware: Fallout 4 does require one.

Fallout 3 cheats

As you know, there are many available items in Fallout 3, so we’ll divide this post into 5 short ones. The first Fallout 3 cheats post will contain the basic gameplay cheats, other 4 - armor, weapons, ammunition and miscellaneous Fallout 3 cheats will be posted during a week.
To apply Fallout 3 cheat you need to open the Command Console first by pressing ~ key while in-game. Then paste the needed cheat and enjoy :)

Fallout 3 gameplay cheats

tgm God Mode (infinite health, ammo, AP)
tai Toggle all NPC AI on / off
Tcai Toggle NPC combat AI on / off
Tcl Turn NoClip mode on / off
tmm 1 Display all markers on map
CompleteAllObjectives Finish all objectives of the current quest
Unlock Open selected door / terminal
Tfc Enable free-roaming camera
Kill Kill selected target
KillAll Kill all NPCs in immediate area
player.additem [item code] [-] [desired condition (1-100)] Add items to inventory
Player.placeatme [Item/NPC code] [Number] Spawn indicated item or NPC at player location

Fallout 3 character cheats

advlevel Increase character level by one
player.setlevel [-] Set character level
rewardXP [-] Grant player specified number of experience points
rewardKarma [-] Adds / Removes Karma
player.addperk [Perk Code] Grant selected perk to player
player.remove perk [Perk Code] Remove perk from player
modpca [attribute] [-] Adds points to designated S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skill
player.forceAV ['skill] [-]' Set a skill to the desired value
setgs fAVDCarryWeightsBase [-] Set player's max carry weight
player.setactorfull name "[first name] [last name]" Reset player character's name
Showracemenu Reset character's appearance
setPCyoung Turn player character into a child

Fallout 3 cheats

We hope, these Fallout 3 cheats were useful for you! Stay tuned for more cheats next week :) Have a good game!