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As Dark Souls 3 is (FINALLY) out, you can now see what the fuss is about. If you’ve already played this game or watched any of the gameplays, you’d probably understood that this is THAT type of game. First, you’re nearly breaking your controller, and a few moments later you’re the happiest person alive.

Review Dark Souls 3 Cheats

As other Dark Souls games are specific: you need some time to get used to it. No matter if you’ve played both previous parts or started with the third one. Dark Souls 3 has combat that is much tighter than it’s ever been, with lots of tools to help you approach scenarios your way.

Now you’re ready to get the beginner’s tips that will make your adaptation process easy and pleasant.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: Gotta blend in with style

Review Dark Souls 3 Cheats

The most well-equipped class that will help your first steps and kills to be more confident is the Knight. It comes equipped with a good sword and shield that’ll both serve you well even beyond the first ten hours. The quantity of its Strenght and Vigor points is above average, and concerning the Vitality stat (which is the one to control your equip load and indirectly dictate how heavy your character can be) might be one of the highest. I suppose the Knight is the best way to start the adventure.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: Vigor

Review Dark Souls 3 Cheats

You get Souls (the only form of currency in the game) while playing. The options that are available with those souls are standard: buying stuff, upgrading stuff and level up. And the piece of advice here is that you should put your points on Vigor. This choice will help you increase your overall HP. Get Vigor to 17-18 points, then you can start investing your Souls in Strength or Dexterity.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: Secret rules

Review Dark Souls 3 Cheats

Rule #1 in Souls games is not to head into boss fights carrying many Souls. If you have enough for at least a couple of levels, go back to the Firelink Shrine and spend them. It’ll make your life easier and the gaming process more pleasant.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: Change your build

Review Dark Souls 3 Cheats

Yeah, that happened. You invest too many in a stat thinking it will benefit you later, but it doesn’t, and now you’re thinking these points should have been spent leveling up another stat. Calm down, you’re going to come across a certain NPC that’ll allow you reallocate all your points several times during the game. You can even do so multiple times.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: Keep rolling, rolling, rolling…!

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The rolling skill is the primary skill in Dark Souls. Its importance is as high as avoiding enemy hits. Even if you’ve successfully blocked another attack, your shield (no matter how strong it is) won’t take the 100% damage. Rolling will. Rolling uses the same stamina pool used for attacks and blocking. You’ll need to always be mindful of your stamina situation.

Increasing the Endurance stat allows for more stamina, but stamina management is the name of the game.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: Don’t go over 70 percent equip load

Review Dark Souls 3 Cheats

You can check your current load by placing the cursor over your armor or weapons. If you get 70+ percent load, you get so heavy that you can’t perform your roll as fast as with less than 70% load. Even 0.5 percent matters.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: Double check suspicious chests and walls

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… Because Dark Souls has monsters that can merge with the environment and wait until you come near and look for loot. Always bash a chest once before opening it. If it is a mimic, you’ll get a few free hits before it stands up and fights you. If it’s not, you lose nothing.

If you’re playing online, player messages on the ground will help you identify both of these, but not always, as some could simply be trolling.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: What’s up with Covenants?

Review Dark Souls 3 Cheats

Covenants in Dark Souls 3 are sort of factions. You join one, do the things they tell you and gain faction reputation and loot.The majority are complicated, and many require you to invade players or be summoned in to defend others against invaders.

You have the option to ignore all of them, but if you’ve engaged with one it can change your game process: lock you out of certain NPC quests, for example. Later it will send you randomly to protect or invade other players every ten minutes. So… If you’re clearly not ready for this serious business - don’t mess with Covenants.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats: Don’t freak out and keep calm (ha-ha)

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Yeah, the rage level in Dark Souls can be way higher than you expect. You shouldn’t forget that every time you die you get experience (your personal, not the in-game one) and that will definitely help you next time. You should analyze your mistakes properly and learn how to not make them repetitive.

We also have some gameplays to help you understand the atmosphere of the game: Dark Souls 3: the first 25 minutes and the first bossDark Souls 3: first gameplay on maximum settings, the 25-minute gameplay of Dark Souls IIIDark Souls III: a short sum-up (system requirements, stream, screenshots).

Good luck!