Fallout 4: Survival mode preview

Fallout 4: Survival mode preview by  2819 views

Bethesda shared good news with the world! The Fallout 4: Survival Mode will enter its beta phase for the PC version this week (there’s no information about the exact date yet), all the console-lovers will have to wait a little bit.


Developers also can’t tell now how long this Mode will be tested. As Fallout has a huge and super active fan-base, it’s better for them to pick a decision if the Survival Mode is too easy or hard, and find all the lags and defects.

We have a short sum-up of all the basic qualities of this mode. Long story short: You’re super fragile! Be careful. If you aren’t - death will send you back to the start or to the last place you were sleeping at. GameSpace considered this one as an extra hard, and we’re glad to hear your opinion.

Here it goes...

1. No more manual savings! You gotta take a nap for at least an hour to save the game.

2. The battles hurt you more then before, but so they do for your enemies. To increase the damage you can use Adrenaline.

3. Adrenaline: basically, if you kill - it increases, and the higher your Adrenaline rank is, the higher the damage bonus you get. If you sleep, it decreases. Just like real life :)

4. You have to use your feet to move around (duh?). I mean, there’s no more Fast Travels.

5. Ammo matters: shells and bullets have a small amount of weight that depends on the caliber. Heavier items might drag you down, so be careful.

6. Hide and seek: enemies now play games. You won’t see any of them on your compas. Discover your 6th sense and brace youself.

7. Heard of wellness? Remember the Tamagotchi or Sims, forget about endless walks and battles. Survival mode will make up your mind: you should properly take care of yourself if you want to PLAY actually. If you don’t eat, drink and sleep enough it will hurt your SPECIAL stats, add Fatigue, Sickness, and… Here goes death!


8. Fatigue: it works like radiation but affects Action Points (AP) rather than Hit Points (HP). The higher is Fatigue, the less AP you have for other actions.

9. Sickness: Watch what you eat and drink. And what flies nearby (bugs and flies can bite you). And what medicine are you using to cure yourself. You actually own an immune system, so you gotta take care of it properly, as if it was in real life. The good thing that brings us back to the video game from “wow, that’s way too realistic!” is that if you’re eventually sick you will get a message with specifics about your current illnesses on your Pip-Boy. Wow. I wish I had this option IRL.

10. Antibiotics: I don’t think you need any kind of explanation here. They can be crafted at a Chem Station or purchased from doctors. And they will heal the various effects from sicknesses.

11. Beds: here you get another surprise. The length of your sleep depends on what bed you are sleeping. For example, a sleeping bag will save the game and may help save your life if  you’re desperate, but it won’t give you all the benefits that a regular bed will.

12. Auto-healing unavailable :( now be sure to use the Stimpak, otherwise you’ll keep walking with a crumbling leg untill you get infected or lose enough blood to die.

13. Don’t play as a Hercules: exceeding your carry weight reduces your Endurance and Agility stats and periodically damages your legs and health.


14. Companions: Companions will no longer automatically get back up if downed during combat and will return home if abandoned without being healed.

15. Enemy and Loot Repopulation: Locations you've cleared will now repopulate enemies and loot at a significantly slower rate.

As a conclusion, we could tell that the game gets more and more realistic. First time I’ve played Fallout I was shocked when I got addiction after consuming whiskey. And here are more of those real-life modifications. This Survival mode will be super epic and hard, I suppose.

If you haven’t seen the last Fallout 4 gameplays, we’d suggest you to watch them here and here. There are some cool features, go check them out, while you have time before saving your character from bleeding and starving :)

To preorder the game check out this link.