The Division: April update preview

The Division: April update preview by  5083 views

You can never forget about the game if you always have the outer powers (banners, ads, angry gamers) to remind about it. The turmoil around The Division finds its explanation in a new update: announced on 12 April, eagerly awaited and frequently discussed one.


The main subject to discuss is this mysterious update: it is the first free content for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. GameSpace team is about to sum up the rumours. Here we go!


Incursion: Falcon Lost

  • The first Incursion - Falcon Lost - is the set of The Division’s raid-style multiplayer missions.

  • The update brings difficulties: you’d need to be more tactical and accurate not to screw your team’s performance up. Regular Challenge mode is different.

  • Matchmaking is on! Although developers suggest you to play with people you can build strategies with.

  • No checkpoints: try not to die.

  • Meet guests and serve the tea: new enemies - flying drones and a bullet-proof Armoured Personnel Carrier.

  • All the future raids in The Division (Incursions) come in Hard and Challenge modes.

  • The new option here: gear and weapons will have a Gear Score instead of Gear Level, so if you intend to play the Hard mode, you need to get the Gear Level/Gear Score of 30.

  • Challenge mode requires Gear Score of 31, and if you don’t have those points you won’t handle the level.

  • Every time you complete Falcon Lost, you get the unique gear and weapons.

  • The best reward for playing the Incursion is the weekly reward. Every week. Yup. Exactly.


Dark Zone supply drops:

  • They’ll drop once every hour.

  • Each one will have valuable gear, weapons, keys and other goodies, and it’s a real challenge for the first group to get there and grab it!

  • You’ll have to fight for those supply drops: Al protects them, so it won’t be a piece of cake.

  • The good thing is that you can’t lose the goodies you’ve gained: once you got ’em they’re yours forever.

  • Support incoming! If you’ve bled out you’re not a useless spectator: you can pan the environment and give advice to teammates. That’s what I call a teamwork!


New stuff!

  • Gear Sets incoming! There are four types of them, with each tailored to a specific style of play. You may get them by completing the Incursion, via blueprints, Challenge mode and other unlocks.

  • You get a specific talent if you equip four items from the Gear Set (the talent depends on the equipped Set).

  • The four new Gear Sets are Sentry’s Call (marksman), Tactician’s Authority (support), Striker’s Battle Gear (tank/assault) and Path of the Nomad (Dark Zone players).

  • The Path of the Nomad Gear Set will mainly be found in the Dark Zone.

  • Gear sets have unique talents or bonuses, so they don’t make individual pieces (weapons, armor) irrelevant.

  • After you hit level 30, your Gear Score will be displayed. The actual number is based on the gear you have in your inventory. Feel free to start bragging :)


Dealing with loot

  • Give it to your friend (if you’ve already got one): yes. Finally. This option is available.

  • Players can only swap loot between their teammates, and loot trading has a time frame of two hours from initial pick-up.

  • Inside a Dark Zone items can only be dropped in a Safe House/trading point, unlike the regular maps where you can scatter your loot anywhere you want.

  • You gotta work: if you need an extra Division Tech or Phoenix Credit you can complete Assignments. These are small jobs that can be done for those rewards.

  • Assignments appear hourly, daily, weekly.

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