GTA 6 Release: What Do We Expect?

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We’ve raised this subject before - people are already going insane about GTA 6 even though we don’t even know when the release will happen. Whatever, this game series is a legend itself, and people keep rumoring and discussing all the things about it. Let’s learn a little bit about the top 10 things fans would like to see after GTA 6 Release Date.

GTA 6 Release - Where?

Of course, Rockstar could use previous locations as a base and make them wider. Or even unite all of those old (maybe even oldschool) ones, like Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas. But fans expect something remarkable and new. There were rumors about Tokyo, but apparently, those were just rumors.

GTA 6 Release - A story set across multiple cities

Yeah, that’s what I’ve mentioned in the ‘Where?’ part. Modern consoles and PCs can run a GTA game that has multiple cities in it. That’d be really cool.

GTA 6 Release Smells like feminism?

GTA 6 Expectations

If you dip into the past, you will see that the last (and the only) strong female character was Catalina in GTA 3. And every single GTA game has had a strong male protagonist, whether it’s the trio Franklin, Trevor, and Michael from GTA 5, Niko from GTA 4 or good old Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA San Andreas. There were also a lot of critics for Rockstar because of they don’t support female characters at all, that was kinda sexist. The point here is that the only way to calm the crowd down is to introduce a female lead.

But I forsee already the feminists' anger from all around the world: this time, Rockstar will be guilty of using women to attract and encourage males to buy the game. Well… Developers must make a choice whether they fight with unsatisfied gamers of with feminists.

GTA 6 Release - Vehicle variation

GTA 6 Expectations

Come on, seriously, let’s pay attention to the age of audience that play GTA: half of them are skater boys (12 - 18 years old), the other half are the inner skater boys that can’t afford skating now. Probably, because they’re not 18 anymore? Give’em this opportunity. We need more vehicles!

GTA 6 Release Time to wake up: no more infinite gas

GTA 6 Expectations

How about a pinch of realism? Imagine panicking because of you’re running out of gas. Not cool, yeah, but that’s what life is in general. Remember all the funny lets plays where you see how the character jumps off the bridge and SOMEHOW he survives. I mean, WHAT??? Is that what Newton fought for with his apples? We need more in-game realism, let the fuel gauge appear.

GTA 6 Release Another interaction level - part 1

GTA 6 Expectations

Keep it cool with the extension trend! Previous GTA games were rather big, but the only thing you could do there is to ride through the city and… And that’s all. There were a few shops and houses that were open for interaction. The 5th part was better than the others concerning this question, but it was still not as gamer-friendly as it was expected to be.

GTA 6 Release Another interaction level - part 2

GTA 6 Expectations

Let’s continue the question of friendliness: GTA 5 is really a remarkable leap among older parts, but the city seems empty anyway. The thing fans expect here is the NPCs to have a purpose maybe? (as in Skyrim) Or at least become more helpful, like, if you’re accidentally bleeding and you don’t have any might to get up and help yourself suddenly a passer-by calls you an ambulance or chucks you a med-pack. And later when you’re feeling better he asks you for a favor, that will be your side mission.

GTA 6 Release More side jobs

Now the side mission question: as fans expect the game to extend its horizons there might appear a bigger variety of those. If there will be multiple protagonists, there might be the more serious approach to their side missions, they must be kinda like subplots. 

GTA 6 Release An FPS option from the start

As we already know GTA 5 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC introduced an optional First Person Shooter (FPS) mode for the game. It’s a great way to have a really immersive GTA experience and it's impressive that Rockstar has implemented it in such a way that it’s possible to play through the whole game in first-person.

Although it might not be for everyone. It will be better if you have a choice how to play the game and to customize your viewing angle to your particular playing style.

GTA 6 Release - Simultaneous PC release

Nothing to add here. Just stop irritating PC gamers with waiting.

As a conclusion, fans expect the next GTA installment to be wider that all the previous ones, and that is actually possible. More details, the NPCs that are ready to interact, new vehicles. We hope that Rockstar will choose the right direction.