The Sims 4 has got the swimming pools

The Sims 4 has got the swimming pools by  3701 views

As the developers promised before, yesterday, latest The Sims 4 update came out. It brought to the game one of the most anticipated features - the swimming pools. The project’s executive director - Shannon Copur - has announced such news on the simulator’s official site. “I'm very excited to announce that we have just released a new, free update to The Sims 4. You're invited to dive right in today! POOLS!!! OMG!”, - the director didn’t hide her emotions.

According to Shannon, the launched The Sims 4 update makes the process of pools’ creation easier and faster. Besides, now, these constructions can be built diagonally or made in the exotic style like the ones on the various world’s resorts. Also, the players have got the ability to adjust the depth of the pools, create them on the ground and second floors or even on the roofs.

But the swimming pools are not the only feature included into the latest The Sims update. The developers have added several bathing suits, which are available in the character editor, and the new type of death - the drowning.


In conclusion, Copur has stated that in the released patch the players will find some more pleasant surprises. She hasn’t specified which exactly, but has noted that there are a lot of them. That’s why we offer you not to waste your time and download the fresh The Sims 4 update via Origin absolutely for free.