EA told about the new The Sims 4 DLC

EA told about the new The Sims 4 DLC by  5970 views

The most terrifying holiday of the year - Halloween - is a bit more than a month away, so the developers of the popular The Sims game series are already actively preparing for it. Yesterday, Electronic Arts company told about the new The Sims 4 DLC titled Spooky Stuff. It will become available for download starting from September 29th.

The announced The Sims 4 DLC will contain many different items that are necessary to throw a perfect Halloween party. So, the pack will include:

  • various decorations and accessories for houses (spiderweb, furniture, etc.);
  • a bowl with candies and a special Pumpkin Carving Station;
  • three additional holiday recipes - an Eyeball Cheese Plate, Zombie Cake, and Spooky Cookies;
  • themed outfits for characters. You can dress them up as fairies, ninjas, animals, pirates, etc.

Electronic Arts has also published a trailer and several screenshots of the upcoming The Sims 4 DLC so that you can take a look at its content: