EA is preparing the next The Sims 4 expansion

EA is preparing the next The Sims 4 expansion by  3171 views

EA company has announced another scale The Sims 4 expansion titled Get Together. It will hit PC and Mac this November. However, the future add-on is already available for pre-order via Origin.

The upcoming The Sims 4 expansion is priced at $39.99. It will bring to the game lots of new and interesting content. Thus, for example, the players will be able to explore the Windenburg location which is filled with many bars, clubs, coffee houses, malls, etc. Besides, this territory has some very friendly neighborhoods as well as big business centers, beautiful town square and even private island with beach.


The future The Sims 4 expansion will also include a new career. Now, your characters can become the real DJs and hit the coolest clubs in the city. Or maybe, they will improve their dancing skills and show what they’ve got on the famous dance floors of Windenburg.

Of course, in order to have fun, your look should be appropriate. The developers didn’t forget about it as well. The forthcoming The Sims 4 expansion will contain several new stylish outfits, so your characters will be able to surprise any party in the town.