New The Elder Scrolls Online trailer was published

New The Elder Scrolls Online trailer was published by  5066 views

The Elder Scrolls Online game will get very special characters. Not only the project's protagonists will be interesting and detailed, but also different monsters and enemies are going to surprise you. The developers decided to show one of your future opponents in new The Elder Scrolls Online trailer.

Today we are going to talk about scamps - not very intelligent or big creatures that are still rather dangerous and a little bit funny. If you are familiar with TES: Morrowind or TES: Oblivion, then you will recognize this upgraded Daedra. As any other Daedra, scamp is very malicious, cruel and agile. This creature even has a special ability - it can throw deadly fireballs. Also it is very nimble. On this artwork you can see the moves and poses scamp can make.


The next artwork demonstrates the real scamp's appearance.


And at the end we would like to show you some scamps in action in the newly released The Elder Scrolls Online trailer that features this interesting creature: