Has Assassin's Creed movie got the director? (Movie)

Has Assassin's Creed movie got the director? (Movie) by  3008 views

We haven’t heard anything new about the upcoming movie based on the Assassin's Creed universe for a long time, but now we want to fix it, having told you some fresh information about this film.

Thus, there are rumors that Assassin's Creed film has got its director. According to numerous sources in the motion picture industry, Jorge Daniel Espinosa will take the place of the main person in the upcoming blockbuster. If you do not know, we are glad to inform you that it is quite young Swedish film director, producer and screenwriter, who, however, has already become famous. You may know him thanks to such movies as Snabba cash (the screenwriter and the director), Snabba cash II (the producer) and Safe House (the director). Although neither Ubisoft Motion Pictures’ employees, nor the team of 20th Century Fox has commented this information, but we hope that in the near future we will get to know if it's true or just someone’s guesses.


In the meantime, we are reminding that Assassin's Creed movie is scheduled to be released in late May 2015. The persons who have already been confirmed for the participation in the film’s adaptation of this stunning assassin’s saga are Michael Fassbender (the actor, who will be performing the lead role) and Michael Lessli (the script writer).

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