Fresh Battlefield 4 update is already available for download

Fresh Battlefield 4 update is already available for download by  3294 views

If you are a fan of Battlefield series, or to be more exact, its last released instalment, then today we have some good news for you. 

First of all, we would like to tell you that yesterday the next Battlefield 4 update was released. It is quite huge and based on the feedbacks from gamers, who have left their complains about the game’s bugs and different problems in the official project’s community during many months. Due to the fact that the list of the fixes and improvements is rather long, we’ll describe the main among them.

Thus, so far, the server will update client machines more frequently in Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, that will provide the gamers with more “correct” experience. Also, the players’ movements, the multiple problems with vehicles and ammo have been fixed, as well as the visual recoil of guns is reduced, and the velocity of the bullets is increased. Besides, the developers have made some changes in such game modes as Domination, Squad Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Carrier Assault and Defuse and have fixed the problems with the multiple glitches on the Dragon’s Teeth map. The whole list of the improvements and fixes is available here.

But as we told you earlier, the fresh Battlefield 4 update is not the only one pleasant news, which we’d like to tell you today. The second one concerns the opportunity to try Battlefield 4 for free. According to PS blog in the USA, each gamer who is a member of PlayStation Plus and hasn’t tried this shooter yet can play Battlefield 4 for free during one week. But you have to pay attention to the facts that only PS3 version of the game is offered as the free one and only the citizens of NA will be able to take part in this promotion. Whether the gamers from Europe are able to try Battlefield 4 for free or not, is unknown so far.


Are you glad that the new Battlefield 4 update has been released? Would you like to try out this shooter without any charges? All these questions can be discussed below.