Free-to-play Call of Duty: Online has got new antagonists (video)

Free-to-play Call of Duty: Online has got new antagonists (video) by  3477 views

While almost the whole world is playing rather expensive Call of Duty: Ghosts, Chinese gamers have a unique free-to-play Call of Duty: Online game. Recently this project has got the new mode, in which the players are fighting against the hordes of robotic zombies.


Well, we understand how crazy it sounds, but yes, Call of Duty: Online game will feature either robots or zombies. We have no guesses how these beings have been created, but we know one thing for sure - they are very dangerous. In previous Call of Duty games we have already met some kind of mechanical zombies that has appeared in Black Ops 2 DLC, but this time you will have to struggle against the army of robots.

Seeing is believing, so we advise you to watch the trailer that shows new Call of Duty: Online game mode and learn about the new antagonists by yourself:

Meanwhile, there are a lot of rumors about Call of Duty: Online game coming to the western countries. We are sure that Activision doesn't eliminate such idea, but officially nothing has been confirmed yet. And what do you think about free-to-play CoD: Online game and its new mode? Would you like to fight against the robotic zombies? Your comments are always welcomed at the bottom of the page.

Also we would like to remind that the first Clan War has finished, and the winners soon will get their prizes. The next stage of the competition starts tomorrow, on Wednesday. Be sure you are in!