Call of Duty: Ghosts news - videos and new mode’s details

Call of Duty: Ghosts news - videos and new mode’s details by  4291 views

Call of Duty: Ghosts game, the next instalment in the popular game series from Infinity Ward, will be released tomorrow, so we would like to heat up the interest to this project and just to please you with the latest information about it, telling the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts news.

Thus, over the past few days a lot of different Call of Duty: Ghosts videos and some details of the new game’s mode - Extinction - appeared in the network. Let's start from the beginning. The first Call of Duty: Ghosts video, released on Saturday evening, is an advertising live-action trailer titled "Epic Night Out". This video shows us a team of 4 people who resemble the characters from the movie "The Hangover", their faithful dog, as well as the famous actress Megan Fox, who, naturally, in the course of an all-out firefight arrange a demolition in all locations which they have visited. So go along with these characters in the "the trip of a lifetime" (as the developers have called it), and you will be able to imagine easily, what awaits you in the game.

In addition, there are lots of videos about new game’s mode - Extinction. The first (of 3) Call of Duty: Ghosts video is called "First Contact Trailer" and shows us how the new mode, in which you’ll have to kill the most awful aliens, looks like. This cinematic CoD: Ghosts trailer shows the terrible atmosphere, in which you will have to dip in Extinction mode, and also shows the first creatures, which you’ll have to destroy.

The following two Call of Duty: Ghosts videos also concern this mode, but in fact they are nothing more than the gameplay trailers, made by those players who have already managed to test Extinction mode and decided to share their impressions of it.

We have also learned some details of this new mode. So, besides the fact that Extinction is a co-op mode that is available for up to 4 gamers, we have found out that it will be possible to choose one of four game’s classes: the weapons expert, the medic, the engineer and the tank. The purpose of the first class is to kill as many aliens as you can, taking into consideration that the damage from your bullets is 25% more than in other classes. The goal of the medic is to revive allies as quickly as possible, thanks to the powerful healing abilities and speed. The third class serves to provide the protection for the team’s drill and earn additional cash bonuses. Finally, the tank, which has 25% more health than the others, maintains the most violent and dangerous attacks and survives.

And the last thing we’d like to share with you today is the piece of art. On the official game’s channel very short CoD: Ghosts trailer has appeared. It shows how the artist Ruben J. Williams has painted the huge logo of the game - the ghost in the mask - on the wall of a building in Sydney.