Call of Duty: Ghosts hacking is beyond the pale

Call of Duty: Ghosts hacking is beyond the pale by  4779 views

It seems that two eternal rivals - Battlefield and Call of Duty game series - equally suffer from the brutal and the massive hacker attacks. Thus, today we have reported about the DDoS-attack on DICE’s servers, so that the mass of gamers wasn’t able to play Battlefield 4 last week-end, and now we want to tell you about an incredibly massive case of CoD: Ghosts hacking.

The last weekend Call of Duty: Ghosts players complained via Reddit that CoD: Ghosts game  had been hacked, and the scale of hacker attacks is shocking. In this case we are talking about the modified lobbies that allow gamers to get a lot of points in the multiplayer mode actually for doing nothing. But the worst thing in this situation is that there are a lot of such situations, when CoD: Ghosts players obtain the crazy amount of experience points, but neither Infinity Ward, nor Activision has tried to do something in order to stop this shame.


But, as it turned out, that's not the worst thing. The game’s fans have also found a site where a hacker openly and fearlessly sells the modified lobbies for CoD: Ghosts! Those who have tried to talk to him about his actions have got DDoS-attacks in response.


If the project’s developers aren’t take any (preferably efficient) actions in the near future, then they risk to lose a huge number of fair gamers, that will directly affect their profits and reputation.