Battlefield 4 trailer and rumors about Battlefield: Bad Company 3

Battlefield 4 trailer and rumors about Battlefield: Bad Company 3 by  5941 views

The guys from EA are sure that their game is the most unique shooter, and to prove this fact they are publishing the series of "Only in Battlefield 4" trailers, in which the real gamers are talking about their unusual experience. The next such video appeared yesterday.

This Battlefield 4 trailer shows us one of the game's fans - Sam - and the fragments of his gameplay. Sam explains us, how he has caught his enemies napping and created a great ambush during one of his battles. In Battlefield 4 you will be able to shoot through walls, and this method may help you, when you are playing this shooter. To see the details, watch new "Only in Battlefield 4" trailer:

Also we have got a rumor from Lars Gustavsson - the creative director of Battlefield game series. He has told that the team is going to return to the Battlefield: Bad Company sub-series, so maybe the next game of Battlefield franchise will be called Battlefield: Bad Company 3. But this shooter won't see the world soon, because earlier EA announced that the release dates of new games in Star Wars and Battlefield series will alternate, so the next big shooter from DICE after Battlefield 4 will be Star Wars: Battlefront.


And which game are you waiting for more - Battlefield: Bad Company 3 or Star Wars: Battlefront? Let us know in the comments below.