Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

 Votes: 1960
 Rating: 4.5
 First-person shooter
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 game is a first-person shooter about the fictional war between Russia and USA. Russia is inventing highly dangerous weapon, and four American soldiers need to find and capture it. If you fond of wars and plots, you obviously should download Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for free or at its original cost.
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The highly-anticipated open beta of the next instalment in the Battlefield shooter series starts today. The testing will be available for all gamers regardless the platform - PC, current or last-gen consoles.

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The new shooter in the Battlefield series is supposed to come out on PC, current and last-gen consoles on March 17th and on March 19th, depending on a region. However, the developers don’t hurry to announce the date of the project’s open testing.

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