Xbox One games presented at E3

Xbox One games presented at E3 by  5850 views

This year's E3 expo started with a huge Microsoft presentation, on which the company revealed new details about its next generation console and also showed plenty of Xbox One games. It became known that Xbox One will cost 499 euro and will launch in November 2013. We've already written about the main features of the new console, and now we are going to show you its upcoming games.


1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The first one of the Xbox One games that were announced yesterday is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It is the tenth entry in the series of action-adventure games with stealth elements. Metal Gear Solid V will get an open world, a new generation of stealth mode, real-time weather, various vehicles and the realistic passage of time.

2. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

The next instalment in the popular series about brave assassins is also coming to Xbox One. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will be set in the 18th century and will tell us the story about pirates. The game will contain a lot of naval battles, as well as the missions on the ground. Its new cinematic trailer was revealed at E3:

3. Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse is being under development by German Crytek studio since 2011, but finally it is going to be released and this time - exclusively for Xbox One. In this hack and slash video game you will be playing a role of a Roman general and will become a leader of the infantry. In long and stunning Ryse: Son of Rome gameplay video you can see the part of the game's battle.

4. Crimson Dragon

This interesting fight-based rail shooter is also among the exclusive Xbox One games. Here you will control a dragon, who fights for his planet against the conquerors. The Crimson Dragon game will require Kinect for playing.

5. D4

This project seems to be the most mysterious among the all Xbox One games. The protagonist of D4 is a detective who can return to the past. Using this ability, he is trying to investigate his wife's death and prevent it.

6. Dead Rising 3

Zombie games are must-have on every gaming expo, and this time we got even two of them. Dead Rising 3 is the next instalment in popular survival horror series with open world developed by Capcom. As always, here you can craft weapon from anything and you will have hard nights with tons of zombies.

7. Dying Light

The second project from the zombie Xbox One games is Dying Light announced a few days ago. It is an action survival horror with the alternation of day and night. During the day here you will be exploring the game's open world, and at night we can only wish you luck.

8. Forza Motorsport 5

Forza Motorsport 5 game is an Xbox One exclusive that is going to be launched in November in the day of Xbox One release. In new gameplay Forza Motorsport 5 trailer you can see, how it will look like.

9. Project Spark

One of the most revolutionary projects among Xbox One games presented at E3 is not really a game. It is Project Spark - a tool for creating your own gaming world. Using it, you can build different locations, create good and bad characters, change anything and anytime and share your masterpiece with the community.

10. Killer Instinct

Famous Killer Instinct series of fighting games is coming to Xbox One. Lots of fights, incredible battles and familiar characters are also here. Watch the first Killer Instinct trailer to find out more:

11. Minecraft

The cult indie game that is popular in 66 countries is also among the Xbox One games. The next generation console's edition will have more adventures, bigger maps and interesting multiplayer features.

12. Quantum Break

The mysterious but exciting Quantum Break game got its second trailer yesterday. Although new video is really amazing, it still doesn't explain the game's plot. We will be waiting for the next details about this title and now we advise you to enjoy the trailer.

13. Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is a colorful open world shooter that is also among the Xbox One games. Here you will be fighting against lots of monsters and mutants in the big and beautiful city.

14. Thief

The grandiose returning of Thief series is scheduled for 2014. This game is coming not only to Xbox One, but also to Playstation 4. But no matter which console you are going to choose, because this title looks great on both of them.

15. The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online game is a great multiplayer RPG that is coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4. This title will be the first instalment in the series with the open-ended plot.

16. Zoo Tycoon

If you like animals and want to manage your own zoo, this game is created especially for you. Zoo Tycoon is listed among the Xbox One games and promises to deliver an unforgetable experience that is much bigger than ever.

17. Below

This interesting game looks like a fairy tale about tiny creature that is exploring the magic world seeking for various objects and also fighting against the gruesome darkness.

18. Halo

No wonder that Halo is also listed among the other Xbox One games, because this famous series of shooters is always created for Microsoft's console. New Halo for Xbox One is coming next year.

19. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The next adventure of the Witcher is also coming to Xbox One. This beautiful fantasy RPG will get awesome environment, long main campaign and immense open world.

20. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

This third-person multiplayer title is a long-awaited continuation of the famous funny game series. The game will have different classes of characters and cooperative mode.

21. Titanfall

Titanfall game is a shooter set in the futuristic world. The project will get very special multiplayer mode and exciting single-player campaign. Titanfall game is scheduled for the spring, 2014.

22. Watch Dogs

We've already heard a lot about this upcoming Ubisoft's title, but its new trailer is so good that you will want to watch it again and again.

23. Destiny

This stunning first-person action game is set in mythic science fiction world. Here you will be protecting the last city on the Earth and the last humans here. Destiny is listed not only among the Xbox One games, it is also coming to Playstation 4 and current generation of consoles.

24. Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox One was announced in May, but two days ago the developers again reminded us about their exciting game. We present you an interesting Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer that shows the gameplay from the dog's point of view.

25. Battlefield 4

Battlefield series is known because of its fantastic multiplayer, and its next instalment is also going to bring us something awesome in this area. The game is scheduled for the next and the current generations of consoles and for PC. Its multiplayer trailer was revealed yesterday:

26. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Another famous series of shooter games is coming to Xbox One. Wolfenstein: The New Order will tell us about the world, in which the Nazis won World War II, but one man came to stop them.