How to spend your time before the Watch Dogs release date?

How to spend your time before the Watch Dogs release date? by  5666 views

Yesterday we reported that Watch Dogs release date is delayed until the next year, and if you were dreaming about this game, now you have to wait several months. We prepared for you a list of games and TV shows that have some similarities with Watch Dogs, so you can spend this time pleasantly.

Watch Dogs game brings us in the American city, in which everything is controlled by the powerful computer system - ctOS. Using the abilities of this system, the government is following each your step and can predict some murders. The main game's protagonist is Aiden - a hacker, who has an access to the ctOS and so is able to find the criminals before they have done something illegal. The game's plot seems to be the most interesting side of Watch Dogs and is very unique at first sight, but in fact it is similar to other media products. Let's find out, to which ones.


The first thing that comes to the mind is Person of Interest TV show. It is an American crime drama created by Jonathan Nolan. Jonathan is the brother of Christopher Nolan and the one, who took part in the creation of several the most popular brother's movies, for example, The Prestige and The Dark Knight. In this TV show he is working with J. J. Abrams, who is known because of the Star Trek series’ reboot, Lost and Fringe TV shows.

In the Person of Interest we meet the Machine - a great system that controls every person in the country and is able to predict the mass and even single murders. The system is under governmental control. There are two main characters in the show - a programmer, who has created the Machine and is able to control it and get its data, and a super agent, who is analyzing the received information and is trying to find the potential victims or criminals. It goes without saying that in Watch Dogs game these two protagonists are combined in one person - Aiden, and the game's ctOS looks like the duplicate of the show's Machine. And even government in both project plays a sort of evil force.


Person of Interest started in 2011, and at the end of September 2013 the third season of this show started. And while the Watch Dogs release date is delayed, you have plenty of time to evaluate this interesting project.

And if you can't imagine your life without gaming, we would like to present you a short list of the games that have similarities with Watch Dogs. The first one is Remember Me from Capcom that has been released this summer. Here the powerful organization is able to control people, using their brain and memories, and the main character - a girl - has a unique ability to hack the people's minds.


The second game that is often compared with Watch Dogs is GTA 5. In the last one the gamer also gets a huge open-world and lots of activities to do, but here he plays a criminal, but not the hero.

An interesting system, that allows other gamers to influence on your play and will be featured in Watch Dogs, also is presented in Dark Souls action-RPG. And the other one anticipated Ubisoft's project with a little bit badass protagonist and great open-world - Assassin's Creed IV - is not delayed and will be released at the end of October. Enjoy!