The next Watch Dogs DLC will be released at the end of September

The next Watch Dogs DLC will be released at the end of September by  3903 views

Two months ago, we told you about three little Watch Dogs DLCs, and today we’d like to share the information about one big and really interesting game’s pack.

Thus, yesterday, the project’s developer announced the new Watch Dogs DLC, entitled Bad Blood. According to its description on the Ubisoft’s official blog, this add-on will be available on the 30th of September for all gamers, and in a week earlier - on the 23rd of September - for the Season Pass’ holders. The cost of this Watch Dogs DLC is unknown so far.


So, what will the new Watch Dogs’ add-on offer to the gamers? Lets find out it together. First of all, the upcoming pack will let you play as an old-school hacker T-Bone. This character can not only masterfully hack the different very good protected systems, but also he can use the various weapons and fight. Besides it, T-Bone has lots of really cool gadgets, among which there is a remote-controlled mini-car - Eugene - outfitted with many interesting and useful devices. This car can not only penetrate into the good protected places, but also it can be upgraded with the cool different weapons or the self-destruction mechanisms.


But the newest gadgets are not all that the forthcoming Watch Dogs’ add-on will offer to the gamers. Also, the latter ones will get 10 additional missions, which sometimes should be done in the most distant districts of Chicago, the new unexplored areas and Street Sweep contracts. The last ones will let T-Bone get new skills and perks and play in the co-op mode with other gamers.


And in order you are able to imagine what awaits you in the upcoming pack, the developer has published the new short Watch Dogs video. Here you will see the add-on’s protagonist and his chic gadget.

What do you think about the fresh Watch Dogs video and pack? Are you going to buy this add-on? Leave your comments in the appropriate section below.