The forthcoming Watch Dogs DLC has got new screenshots and gameplay video

The forthcoming Watch Dogs DLC has got new screenshots and gameplay video by  2967 views

Almost two weeks ago, we told you about the upcoming Watch Dogs add-on, entitled Bad Blood, and today would like to show not only some fresh pack’s screenshots but also a new Watch Dogs DLC gameplay video.

The fresh gameplay reel lasts almost three minutes and shows us the add-on’s protagonist - T-Bone, - who demonstrates not only his really cool hackers abilities, but also how good he can fight and use the different weapons against the foes. But as you probably remember, the main character has a very useful aid - a remote-controlled mini-car, called Eugene. This magnificent gadget has lots of cool devices and even weapons. And exactly this fresh Watch Dogs DLC gameplay video shows it in action very well: how this mini-car is able to penetrate into the various buildings and rooms, with which powerful weapons it is equipped and which damage this gadget can cause. But seeing is believing, so we just advise you to watch this video and ensure in all things mentioned above.

Besides the new gameplay reel, the upcoming Watch Dogs add-on has also got the fresh screenshots, which we are happy to show you. On the new pictures, you can see not only the protagonist but also other non-playable characters and even one battle. Enjoy!


We’d also like to remind you that this pack will be available for all gamers on the 30th of September.