Best games of 2013

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This year was a crucial one in the gaming industry, because the new generation of consoles appeared at the end of 2013 and allowed companies to create much more qualitative games. In this review we want to remember all best games of 2013 that made this year really memorable.

DmC: Devil May Cry (85 out of 100 according to Metacritic)

In January Capcom released the fifth Devil May Cry project, which became the reboot of this hack and slash series. The main difference between DmC: Devil May Cry game and all previous instalments is in the appearance of the main project's character - Dante. Not all fans liked the new image of the protagonist, but nevertheless the game is very cool. If you want to find out more about it, read our DmC: Devil May Cry review.


Crysis 3 (76 out of 100)

One of the most good-looking shooters of this year obviously is Crysis 3. This futuristic game about the super soldier and alien invasion has rather arguable plot, but it's graphics, as always, is very cool. Fantastic weapons, dangerous enemies and incredible protagonist - the main advantages of Crysis 3. To find out more about them, read our Crysis 3 review.

Tomb Raider (86 out of 100)

Another great reboot of the famous series is the latest Tomb Raider game. The developers decided to tell us about the early years of young, but brave Lara and tried to make her real, emotional and authentic. Also new and exciting multiplayer mode was added to the new part of Lara's adventures. So it is not surprising that Tomb Raider finds itself among the best games of 2013.

Bioshock Infinite (94 out of 100)

The developers of the best-rated shooter have created the new masterpiece this year. The latest title in Bioshock series - Bioshock Infinite game - has an extraordinary plot, beautiful characters, perfect graphics and suggests really entertaining battles. Read our Bioshock Infinite review to get to know, why this game again has become one of the most high-rated projects in the history of video games.


Metro: Last Light (82 out of 100)

A sequel to the great post-apocalyptic shooter - Metro: Last Light game - for the second time invites us to the depth of Russian underground, which is the only one place for the survivors after the nuclear war. This time you will meet new obstacles and enemies, new friends and allies, and the only one thing that remains unchangeable is the atmosphere of total despair that is everywhere. And again, more details are in our Metro: Last Light review.

Remember Me (72 out of 100)

Another this year's game published by Capcom is Remember Me. This project tells us about the near future, in which the people's memories are stored in special chips and hackers - like the game's protagonist - can steal or remix the memories of others. However, the heroine doesn't remember anything, so now her main task is to find her memories and revenge the people, who took them from her.

The Last of Us (95 out of 100)

The emotional PS3 exclusive - The Last of Us game - obviously is one of the best games of 2013. Exciting story, intense atmosphere, interesting heroes, great graphics and lots of other advantages made The Last of Us really an incredible project. It is a pity that the developers are not planning to port the game to PC, next-gen or Xbox 360, but still this title was among the most memorable games of this year.


Dota 2 (90 out of 100)

Dota 2 game, which has been in the stage of beta testing for 2 years, finally was released in July, 2013. This MOBA has many similarities with the previous instalment, but also lots of special features, upgraded graphics and redesigned heroes. Is it really good? Well, each day the quantity of online users exceeds 6.5 million that speaks for itself.

Saints Row 4 (86 out of 100)

Maybe for someone Saints Row 4 is not among the best games of 2013, but it obviously is the craziest one. In the fourth part of the series the main character becomes The President of the USA and needs to defend his country from aliens. And it is not the most insane and funniest thing in this project. Well, it is better to play the game by yourself or at least to read our full Saints Row 4 review.

GTA 5 (97 out of 100)

This game doesn't require long introduction. The famous series of action-adventures with open-world and the full freedom of choices has got the next instalment this year, and the latest GTA game is absolutely stunning. More interesting details about this project can be found in our GTA 5 review.


FIFA 14 (87 out of 100) and PES 2014 (74 out of 100)

Two great football simulators, as always, got the next instalments in autumn. Both games have lots of improvements, updated graphics, new licenses and interesting features. PES 2014 made a huge leap in the development this year, while FIFA 14 still remains the leader in this genre. Find more about both titles in our FIFA 14 vs. PES 2014 comparison.

Batman: Arkham Origins (74 out of 100)

The prequel to the series of action-adventures about the mysterious superhero - Batman: Arkham Origins - was released in October. The game tells the story of young Batman, his first losses and wins. Also for the first time in the series this project has a multiplayer mode, which is rather unique - here there are always three teams of players.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (84 out of 100)

The new games in a great series of action-adventures about brave assassins are released each year, and in 2013 we also got stunning Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. This project moves us to the Caribbean islands, where the pirates rule the seas and the enormous treasures hide in the depths. Will you be able to find them all?


Call of Duty: Ghosts (66 out of 100) and Battlefield 4 (83 out of 100)

Other eternal rivals and series of shooters - Call of Duty and Battlefield - also got the new instalments in autumn. Battlefield 4 surprised the gamers with beautiful graphics, and Call of Duty: Ghosts received very cool single-player campaign. More details about the similarities and differences between these games are in our Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty: Ghosts comparison.

Need for Speed Rivals (75 out of 100)

This year famous racing series - Need for Speed - has got the 20th instalment. In Rivals there are two competitors - cops and racers - and both have great cars. The game itself has got the fantastic graphics and amazing locations. To find out more, read our Need for Speed Rivals review.

The Walking Dead: Season Two (79 out of 100 for the first episode)

The best last year's adventure - The Walking Dead - got its continuation in 2013. In the new season you will be playing a role of Clementine and will have to make lots of hard decisions. For now the only one episode has been released, but next year we will see other four ones.


Which among these projects are the best games of 2013 for you? Have we missed something? Write in the comments below.