What will we see in the next Skyrim DLC?

What will we see in the next Skyrim DLC? by  9487 views
An open U.S. patents system always spreading important for developers and publishers of the information early. Some time ago it was noticed that Bethesda Softworks registered trademark Redguard, as PC DLC.

Most likely we will soon see the new The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim addition, and as always it will be released firstly for Xbox 360 and then on PC. Unfortunately porting addons for PlayStation 3 seriously delayed, causing constant console players’ negativity and criticism.


As we have mentioned before, about the next DLC where there will be more weapons in a series of copies of halberds and other things. Also, users will see new races: Gnomes and Snow Elves, and fight for the Skyrim crown.