Week’s game news digest

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It’s Friday again, and it means that we - GameSpace team - are ready to present you the latest game news digest. Our list will offer you only the most interesting information about the events, which took place in the world of video games and movie industry for the past few days.

Has FIFA 16 release date been leaked? (Rumor)

The rumor about the possible release date of the next part in the popular football simulator series - FIFA - opens our today’s digest. On the project’s page at Amazon Italia, not only the probable terms of launch but also the list of platforms, on which it might be released, have appeared. Get more information by clicking on the link above.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin system requirements are announced

This week, the remastered version of the famous Dark Souls 2 action-RPG - Scholar of the First Sin - has got the official system requirements. If you haven’t bought this project yet and doubt whether it will run normally on your PC, we advise you to get acquainted with the announced characteristics. In addition, watch the gorgeous launch trailer of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.


Halo 5 news: release date, two trailers and details about Master Chief

Nextly, our game news digest includes the information for the fans of Halo shooter series or for those who wait for the release of its new instalment - Guardians. The developers have not only shown the first teasers of the future game but also shared some details about one of the main characters - Master Chief. Watch the trailers and learn more about the upcoming project by clicking on the link above.

Rainbow Six: Siege news: Collector’s Edition, new screenshots and videos

Also, recently, lots of information about the future shooter from Ubisoft studio - Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege - have appeared online. Read the full news in order to find out about the Operator system, watch two fresh videos and look at many spectacular screenshots and arts.


DEAD OR ALIVE 5: Last Round on PC doesn’t include a part of content

The highly-anticipated release of DEAD OR ALIVE 5: Last Round on PC has disappointed the players a bit. As it has turned out, the computer version of this fighting game doesn’t have a part of content as well as doesn’t support a few functions. Get more details about such deficiencies by following the link above.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series is announced

Further, today’s game news digest contains the pleasant information for the fans of Assassin’s Creed series. Thus, Ubisoft studio has announced Assassin’s Creed Chronicles trilogy, which will include the games about China, India and Russia. By clicking on the link above, you’ll find out about the plot of each project, watch the series’ debut trailer and look at numerous colorful screenshots and arts. Besides, the first gameplay video of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China game appeared online the other day. You can appraise it here.


The release dates of Mortal Kombat X DLCs are revealed

Expecting the launch of the new instalment of the iconic Mortal Kombat franchise, the information about the DLCs from the Kombat Pack has leaked online. One Australian retailer has published the release dates of all add-ons. They might be the same and for the rest regions as well. Also, NetherRealm Studios has demonstrated the new trailer of the future fighting game, which introduces the Briggs family. Follow the appropriate links to get more details and watch the videos.

Quantum Break release date is rescheduled

In addition, our game news digest includes the information about the forthcoming exclusive for Xbox One - Quantum Break project. Remedy studio has announced the postponement of the action’s launch for the next year. Read what is the reason of such a decision in the full news.


April game releases

And in conclusion, here’s our review of the April game releases. Find out which projects are expected to come out this month.

And the traditional list of the hottest videos ends our today’s digest. We offer you to watch the trailers of GTA V on PC, Batman: Arkham Knight, Monster Hunter Online, Project CARS, the latest reels of such future movies as Mad Max: Fury Road and Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as many other videos.