Rainbow Six Siege and Life is Strange Fresh News

Rainbow Six Siege and Life is Strange Fresh News by  3047 views

Social medias had been struck by some important news lately. First of all...

Rainbow Six Siege will be free to play on Xbox One and PC this weekend. It kicks off in a couple hours: for PC players it starts at 1:00 pm EDT or 5:00 pm GMT and ends at the same time on August 1st, Monday. As for Xbox One players, it might be already available right now and it ends at 3:00 am EDT and 7:00 am GMT on Monday as well.


To play the game on PC you need to download Uplay and press the Rainbow Six Siege “Free Weekend” banner. As for Xbox One players you need to check the store: there must be a link to download and play Rainbow Six Siege for free. Hurry up!


And as an additional bonus - gold and standard Rainbow Six Siege packs will be 50% off at both stores until July 31st.

Second of all, Life is Strange will partly turn into the new live-action series. Legendary Digital Studios, Square Enix and DONTNOD reached an agreement to start this project.


Greg Siegel - the Legendary Digital Studios SVP - claimed that Life is Strange has incredibly reach storyline and unique characters, and the gameplay is very exciting as well. And that this might fit the live-action series template perfectly. Jon Brooke - the Square Enix VP - also said that they’re super excited to work with Legendary.


There’s no more information except the announcement, so we’ve got a lot of spare time now to re-complete Life is Strange before the series first teaser comes out.