Week's game news digest

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Do you want to be hip to all gaming news? Then you are on the right page. Our week's game news digest contains the brief information about the most important events from 7th to 11th of October. If you want to get more details about any of these news, follow the links.

Assassin's Creed 4: screenshots, Season Pass and DLCs

This week was full of Assassin's Creed news. First we reported about Assassin's Creed 4 gameplay video from Igromir expo, then showed you the screenshots of the future project and detailed its Season Pass and DLCs, after wrote about the pre-order bonuses. Also on Friday we got the rumor that Assassin's Creed V may be set in Egypt.


Dishonored GOTY has been released (trailer)

This week an interesting stealth game - Dishonored - has got the Game of the Year Edition. If you want to see its trailer and find out, which items are included in Dishonored GOTY, follow the link above.

First five minutes of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

The developers have revealed the first five minutes of Burial at Sea gameplay. Burial at Sea is a story-based Bioshock Infinite DLC that will consist of two parts. Its release date remains unknown yet.


Call of Duty: Ghosts system requirements and the details of multiplayer and co-op modes

Another game, which is popular this week, is Call of Duty: Ghosts. At the beginning of the week we reported about Call of Duty: Ghosts system requirements and other details, later we wrote about the new video clip for Eminem's song that includes the gameplay of the upcoming shooter, and at the end of the week the developers revealed the information about the game's Clans.

GTA 5 news

GTA Online has got the new update this week, and following the link above you will be able to find out its details. In the same article we reported about other non-official, but interesting and funny GTA 5 news.


FIFA 15 leagues are up to you

Which FIFA 15 leagues do you want to see in the next football simulator? Following the link above you will be able to vote for the championship you like most of all.