The new spectacular Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer has been published

The new spectacular Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer has been published by  2706 views

Have you seen the leader of the Inquisition? Would you like to know from which events the third part of the popular game series starts? Then we offer you to watch the new spectacular Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer right now!

The fresh Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer reveals the story, from which the whole plot of the upcoming game begins. Two leading classes - the mages and the templars - hold the peaceful conference. Their main goal is to stop the conflict and to conclude the truce. However it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. The conference was interrupted by the terrible destructive explosion, which killed many members from both classes.

And following the explosion, the civil war broke out. So it’s right about time for the Inquisition to join the battlefields. This union has to weld the humanity and vanish the demons, which try to occupy the beautiful lands of Thedas.

Besides the thrilling story, the new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer for the first time shows us the main game’s character - the Inquisitor. He has the exceptional power and is destined to lead the Inquisition in order to fight against the monsters.

According to the project’s creative director - Mike Laidlaw, - the world in the third part of the series is bigger than in the previous ones. We can make sure of this fact while watching this Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer, which reveals only the small piece of all game’s locations: the mountains, the frozen forest, the ruins of the castles, the valleys, etc.

And finally we’ve got another great news for the players, who anticipate the release of this RPG! The Dragon Age: Inquisition launch date is scheduled for October 7th, 2014. Let us remind you that the project will be available on PC, current and next-gen consoles.

So, did the fresh video impress you? Are you excited about the Dragon Age: Inquisition launch date? Leave your answers in the comments below.