The latest Dragon Age: Inquisition news have appeared

The latest Dragon Age: Inquisition news have appeared by  2802 views

As you may remember, last week the developers of the third instalment in the popular RPG series revealed the details of the project’s updated character - Leliana. Today, we would like to share with you some more fresh Dragon Age: Inquisition news, which include the information about another heroine and some game’s specifics.

So, the next Dragon Age: Inquisition character, who will appear in the third part of the series, is a protocol advisor and a diplomate. Lady Josephine Montilyet is the eldest daughter in the Antivan family. She has the unique skills, which help her build good relationships between the alliances. Josephine is notable for her grace, tact and nice taste.

This Dragon Age: Inquisition character understands the importance of the alliance better than others and knows the ways of preventing the demon invasion. Josephine believes that the Inquisition will restore the world order.


Besides that, the latest Dragon Age: Inquisition news contain the information about some gameplay moments, which the gamers will face. Answering the questions of the fans at one of the portals, the representatives of BioWare company have told the following:

- it will become harder to build the romantic relationship in the game, because the developers have decided to take away the special icons from the interface and come back to the conception of the first instalment in the series;

- you will be able to hug your companions;

- the weather will change during the game process;

- the character customisation will be improved, some additional options will appear;

- each class will be restricted by the definite pack of weapons;

- you will have a chance to make the traps during the battles;

- Flemeth and Dagna are coming back to the project. At the same time, the players won’t see Shale and Zevran;

- one of the actors, who takes part on the RPG’s development, is Gideon Emery;

- faith and leadership will be two main topics of the project.

So, what do you think about the latest Dragon Age: Inquisition news? Did you like the new heroine? We’ll be glad to see your answers in the comments below.