The Elder Scrolls Online developers diares

The Elder Scrolls Online developers diares by  6004 views
Bethesda Softworks released the first Elder Scrolls epic saga developers diary . The new part of the game will be like, as fans, and fans of MMOs, as the project goes online.

According to developers of The Elder Scrolls Online is a unique world of "mega server". In the game we will meet all the locations from the desert spaces Morrowind and to the snow-capped mountains of Skyrim.


We first choice of 6 races and several classes that you can choose the most comfortable style of fighting. On a huge game world will be a lot of different dungeons and danzhenov, with the most famous villains of the series. In addition to the bosses, we will meet with the already known to us rats, Atronach, ghouls, liches, hungry and other creatures inhabit Tamriel and its surroundings.

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