The details of the third Dragon Age: Inquisition patch are revealed

The details of the third Dragon Age: Inquisition patch are revealed by  2507 views

Despite the fact that Dragon Age: Inquisition game was released almost three months ago and has already got 2 patches, the project has some problems and bugs. But Bioware’s employees don’t sit idly by and work on them actively.

Thus, yesterday, the information about the third Dragon Age: Inquisition update for PC appeared in the company’s official blog. We would like to stress at once that the new patch has been created on the gamers’ feedbacks and is destined to fix the bugs which blocked the players’ progression or hampered their experience.

So, which corrections will the third Dragon Age: Inquisition update bring to the game? According to the official information, the patch 1.03 will fix a range of such problems in the multiplayer mode as the incorrect work of a camera at the end of a match, the absence of some objects in the chests, the mission’s start without any mapped abilities in certain circumstances and many others.

Besides, the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition update promises to make the characters’ dialogues a bit longer and the periods between them shorter. Also, now the influence can’t be infinite and the bar displaying the armor rating will be updated correctly.

But that’s not all. The forthcoming patch will bring a rang of changes in the single player mode, will add a couple of hot keys and will fix the numerous issues with a mouse. The full list of changes of the new patch is available here.

So far, the exact release date of this Dragon Age: Inquisition update on PC hasn’t been told, but in the near future the developers promise to tell about the fixes for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game.