The Batman: Arkham Knight characters have been presented

The Batman: Arkham Knight characters have been presented by  3811 views

At the beginning of March Rocksteady Studios announced the development of another game about Batman and presented the debut trailer of the project. And a few days ago the company published several new Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots, which show three updated characters.

These heroes are already well-known to the fans of the franchise, however, according to the company’s art-director - Dave Hego, - the developers did their best to make each of the Batman: Arkham Knight character look newly and interesting.

So, the first updated Batman: Arkham Knight character is a supervillain and the Batman’s enemy, named Two-Face. Albert Feliu - the lead designer - has told that his team discussed a lot the future looks of this character. The following Batman: Arkham Knight screenshot shows us Two-Face, who hasn’t got many changes, but now he’s just more aggressive.


The next Batman: Arkham Knight character, presented by the developers, is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot or more known as Penguin. Now he looks like a bad guy. Penguin works at the museum, but his appearance makes us think that somehow he’s connected to mafia.


And the last Batman: Arkham Knight character is The Riddler. Feliu says that this hero has got just a few changes in his appearance, but in the new project The Riddler will get more attention than in Batman: Arkham City.


Besides, it became known that another Batman’s enemy - Scarecrow - will come back to the Batman: Arkham Knight game. But the information about how exactly he will look like is kept in the secret for the current moment.

So, did you like the Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots with the updated characters?