Some fresh Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots have been published

Some fresh Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots have been published by  4362 views

This action-adventure is definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2014. So that’s why its developer - Rocksteady Studios company - continues to fuel the interest of the Dark Knight’s fans to the upcoming project.

Thus, yesterday several fresh Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots appeared. In our previous news about this game, you’ve already seen some of them - the pictures of such updated characters as Penguin, Two-Face and The Riddler. However, there are a lot of interesting details, which are worth to be noticed, among the fresh materials.

The Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots show the users nightly Gotham City, where the game’s events are set, and its key location - the grand Wonder Tower.


Besides that, it should be noted that the protagonist - Batman - looks more brutal now. At the pictures below you can see how easily he gets rid of the enemies.


Also the Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots present the updated batmobile and the Dark Knight’s suit in more detail.


This auto is really awesome, isn’t it? Would you like to drive the batmobile?

And finally, the developers have intrigued the players with the message about the appearance of such characters as Oracle and Commissioner Gordon in the next part of the game series. Let us remind you that in the previous episodes - Arkham Asylum and Arkham City - Oracle’s main functions were to provide the radio contact and various information for Batman. Perhaps, in the last part of the series she will get a more weighty role. However, these are just some guesses for the current moment.


So, did you like the fresh Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots? We’ll be glad to get to know about you impressions in the comments below.