Promotional Diablo 3 trailer is presented

Promotional Diablo 3 trailer is presented by  2938 views

Blizzard company, the publisher and the developer of Diablo game series, does not waste its time. Taking into consideration that the console versions of Diablo 3 game will hit the shops on the 3rd of September (i.e for Xbox 360 and PS3), the game’s publisher has created and released a short promotional video to assure the success of this project.

In the short Diablo 3 trailer, which lasts only 31 seconds, we are asked to gather all our friends (assuming, of course, that our number shouldn’t be more than four people as in the video, because Blizzard teases its co-op mode, calculated for 4 players) and... go straight to hell. Interesting offer from the game’s publisher. So if you like this hack and slash, and you wonder how it will be presented abroad, we suggest you to watch this video, adapted specifically for the United States:

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