New Skyrim' DLC trailer - Dragonborn

New Skyrim' DLC trailer - Dragonborn by  4181 views
The other day on the official Bethesda Softworks Twitter page have appeared a mysterious picture signed "Full Trailer on 11/5", which could mean only one thing - the announcement of the new The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim DLC  - Dragonborn.


Today on the company’s youtube channel appeared full trailer for the upcoming addition. The action will take place on the island Solstheim known to us from The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. The first Dragonborn is about ready to return to this world, and not with the peaceful intentions.

Players will team up with the dragons to fight the new global threat. Dragons? Unite? The fact that our ancestor was the governor of the northern lands in the distant past, and dragons were not subjects and servants ...but a favorite snack!


Xbox 360 add-on release will be on the 4th of December, and cost about $ 20. As for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions, the developers still keep silence about it in order to avoid past scandals with the releases delays.