New GTA Online update is out

New GTA Online update is out by  9475 views

Rockstar studio has launched the next GTA Online update titled Freemode Events Update. It has brought the highly-anticipated Rockstar Editor with several additional options and features to the game’s versions on the current-gen consoles. But it’s not the only advantage of the released patch.


Besides numerous fixes and improvements, this GTA Online update, which is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, includes many new jobs:

  • Hunt the Beast. Become a Beast - more scarier and stronger alter ego of your character. You will be chased down all over Los Santos and Blaine County;
  • King of the Castle. You need to climb “a mountain”, capture it and defend the attacks;
  • Hot Property. You’ll get a very important briefcase, sp try to keep it. In case of successful result, you’ll be rewarded;
  • Checkpoint Challenge. Participate in a crazy race across San Andreas, pass all checkpoints and make it to the finish;
  • Moving Target. One player gets in the special marked vehicle that needs to be delivered to the destination point. Other gamers will try to destroy him. Will they manage to do this?
  • Penned In. A huge dome will appear over Los Santos. It will be closing little by little. Your task is to get under it while the countdown isn’t over;
  • Dead Drop. You have to pick up a very valuable cargo first and deliver it to the necessary place;
  • Kill List and Kill List Competitive. Fight with the mercenaries of Merryweather Security. Each murder will bring you some rewards;
  • Time Trial. Each week, you’ll be offered to achieve a record on a new track. Of course, the reward is included. But you can’t even imagine what you'll get for passing the world record!
  • Criminal Damage. Your time has come! Cause as much damage as possible around. The more chaos - the more points!
  • Hold the Wheel. Try to avoid the numerous attackers while driving a vehicle;
  • Freemode Challenges. Complete 19 additional trials in the Free Mode.

Also, the latest GTA Online update contains two new Adversary Modes - Cross the Line and Hunting Pack. In the first case, the teams must penetrate to the territory of the opponents and capture it. During the second task, players will have to deliver a vehicle filled with lots of explosive materials to the destination point.


Find more information about the new GTA Online update on the Rockstar’s official site.