Grand Theft Auto 4 - Complete Edition

Grand Theft Auto 4 - Complete Edition

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 Rating: 4.4
 Action,  Action-adventure
Grand Theft Auto 4 is a legendary open-world first-person shooter game that is still very popular, especially for people who can't afford a modern computer to play GTA V. Get missions, get paid and simply live a life of your dreams in Grand Theft Auto 4. Due to the high popularity of Grand Theft Auto 4, all the gamers go to websites where they can download Grand Theft Auto 4 for free or buy Grand Theft Auto 4.
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Rockstar studio has launched the next GTA Online update titled Freemode Events Update. It has brought the highly-anticipated Rockstar Editor with several additional options and features to the game’s versions on the current-gen consoles.

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Rockstar studio has reported that Rockstar Editor will be added to GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One very soon. For the current moment, this feature is available only in the computer version of the popular action-adventure.

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