New Dragon Age: Inquisition video tells about the combats

New Dragon Age: Inquisition video tells about the combats by  2118 views

BioWare studio has published the fresh Dragon Age: Inquisition video, which tells the gamers about one of the gameplay features - the various combatant tactics.

As the new Dragon Age: Inquisition video shows, this RPG’s fighting system is quite diversified and very convenient for the gamers. They will be able to choose their own method to defeat the enemy in each battle: to fight at the forefront or in the rear, to use a weapon or a spell, etc.

In addition to it, the customization of the squad is another gameplay feature, which is presented in the latest Dragon Age: Inquisition video. The players will be able to adjust each character of their team the way they need it, choosing the preferable abilities.

Besides that, the tactic camera will become the irreplaceable helper during the battles. By using it, the gamers will find out more details about the foes and control the squad members.

You can watch the examples of the combats and learn more interesting information in the Dragon Age: Inquisition video published below:

And here’s another news for the fans of the popular game series. As you remember, last week, BioWare changed the project’s launch date. Following this information, the developers shared some details about the special Dragon Age Keep application, which was announced last year.

So, BioWare promised that this program will appear before the new RPG’s release. But because of its delay, the launch of the Dragon Age Keep application was also postponed.

Let us remind you that the Dragon Age Keep application will let players modify and create their own variants of the endings in the previous games. These actions will influence on the world and events of the next part in the franchise.


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